Tuesday 14 February 2012

Nancy Rosin's Victorian Treasury and the National Valentine Collectors Association

Copyright © 2012 by Nancy Rosin

Nancy Rosin is an indefatiguable valentine collector and expert.  Through her website: Nancy Rosin's Victorian Treasury: the valentine resource, she shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject, notably through her knowledgeable articles.  

Her most recent article: Adding flight to the wings of Cupid: postal delivery of the valentine  is online through the American Stamp Dealer.

Nancy is also President of the National Valentine Collectors Association (which, in addition to online auctions distributes to its members informative Newsletters).  The National Valentine Collectors Association has a very active and informative Facebook page.

Nancy's interest in ephemera goes beyond the valentine: she is also Vice President of The Ephemera Society of America.

There is an interview with Nancy on the Ephemera blog (Typepad).


  1. How wonderful that we have the lovely Nancy Rosin and her expertise to guide us as we collect and treasure vintage Valentine's and other Ephemera. She is my inspiration and I value her work as President of the Valentine Collectors Association. Cupid feel's the same way! LOL!
    Have a wonderful Day,
    Shirley SweetRomanticnotions.blogspot.com

  2. I am indebted to wonderful people like you, Shirley, who treasure this wonderful material, and share my dream of celebrating LOVE every day of the year. Thank you for your kind words.