Monday, 28 May 2012


The ephemera in this site, Ephemera curated by Saul Zalesch at Louisiana Tech University, Rushton, LA, are lesser-known items from his own collection, aimed at scholars and collectors. His aim is to provide 'more-nuanced pictures of American culture and life.' Many have been selected for their aesthetic value.  The collection is currently being donated to the Winterthur Library.

 Dr Zalesch posts selected images several times a week  The images can be browsed or viewed by categories: advertisement, almanach, book, booklet, card, catalog, illustration, magazine, and sheet music.  Each item is accompanied by a title, date and category and a lengthy and informative description under the heading of 'Why it's interesting.'  There are some 400 images on the site, all with commentaries.

This is a very interesting personal view of ephemera.  Comments to posts are invited.

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