Friday, 2 November 2012

Virtual exhibition: Jeux de princes, Jeux de vilains (BNF)

A quick post on a virtual exhibition of games which I came across on the Bibliothèque Nationale de France site. A little difficult to find, it is called Jeux de princes, jeux de vilains.  Based on a physical exhibition in 2009, it contextualises games through images not only of the games themselves, but also works of art showing games being played, and ephemera.

The exhibition is divided into the sinister and pleasurable sides of games and their place in society:  La face noire du jeu, Les plaisirs du jeu and La société ludique.

There are guided tours by the curators, commentaries on significant items and drop-down menus enabling the user to explore various aspects of playing cards, tarot, chess and children's games (les feuilletoirs). Many manifestations of Game of the goose are online. Much to explore, and to enjoy.

(C) Bibliothèque Nationale de France