Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Culture Grid

Culture Grid is a platform through which institutional collections can be cross-searched. These include pre-existing cross-searchable projects such as VADS (and therefore the John Johnson Collection Political Cartoons and Trades and Professions Prints) and Exploring 20th century London.

The site is rich in ephemera, notably posters, advertisements, postcards, labels, etc. The three million items can either be searched by such genre terms or by subject (which can be narrowed down to posters, etc), or by institution.

(C) Culture Grid
The list of contributing institutions (which can be found by searching, then selecting 'more search options' and activating the 'Select collections' button) is extensive and includes regional collections, with many gems for the ephemerist.

(C) Culture Grid



I didn't find a browse function or a way just to get an overview of the contribution of each institution, but for real researchers doing real enquiries this site will reveal lesser known material.

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