Friday, 4 May 2012

Election and other ephemera at the London School of Economics

The election season is an appropriate time to focus on the holdings of the London School of Economics Library which is a major repository of political ephemera.

The Elections ephemera at the LSE Library covers general elections dating back to 1945, although there is some earlier material. The material is catalogued but not digitised.

Other online resources with digital images include Posters (Political and Tariff Reform Posters, c1892-1910; British Labour Delegation to Russia, 1920Russian Child Care posters, 1930; London County Council Election 1907) and Online exhibitions, e.g. CND, the story of a peace movement and Turning points: three key elections of the 20th century (1906, 1945, 1979).

Additionally, Fabian tracts and 19th century pamphlets are online, some through 19th century British Pamphlets online, others through the LSE itself (covering British history, Politics, Economic history, International history, Social policy, Poor laws and Welfare State, Origins of the National Health Service, Housing, Industry, Labour and the Trade Unions, Unemployment, and Transport (especially Railways).

Poster: (C) London School of Economics


  1. Hello!
    Coincidentally we are right in the middle of putting most of these image collections that you mention above into our digital library to better serve them. Pretty much similar to what we have done with the Street Life in London images:

    I'm going to be working even harder this week now to get them ready so they are more easily accessible to a wider audience and we can catch the tail of wider interest.

    All the best,

  2. Thank you very much for this information. Wonderful news. Do let me know when this is live and I will write an update.

  3. Great. Glad you are pleased.

    They are now up for all to enjoy:

    Would be happy to hear any feedback @lselibrary or @andyjack8

    We think they look quite special.

    1. I have just done an update post.
      Many thanks for your message. They do look superb.

    2. Very welcome and thanks for doing so!