Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Magic Lantern slides at the University of Bristol

The Theatre Collections at the University of Bristol holds several sets of lantern 19th century lantern slides, which are digtiised. The images can be seen through the online catalogue but also as online slide shows. The Library holds the accompanying texts.

Christmas in Paradise (ref.TCP/LS/000003)
Rare Metal: A Story of City Life (ref.TCP/LS/000004)
The Life Boat (ref.TCP/LS/000005)
Nellie's Prayer (ref.TCP/LS/000006)
The Matron's Story (ref.TCP/LS/000007)
Little Jim (ref.TCP/LS/000008)
Scrub, the Workhouse Boy (ref.TCP/LS/000009)
Interval Slides (ref.TCP/LS/000010/001-005)
Registration Slides (ref.TCP/LS/000010/006-008)
(C) University of Bristol Theatre Collection

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