Monday 20 February 2012

Canada in the First and Second World Wars

A new (bliingual) site: Wartime Canada uses ephemera as a 'window into the Canadian experience during the world wars'. This collaborative project states that the 'emphasis is on the kind of material that is usually regarded as disposable – the very material that was omnipresent in the lives of Canadians in wartime'.

Each of the main subjects (Eating, Fighting, Learning, Relaxing, Remembering, Returning, Shopping, Volunteering, Working, and Worshipping) is broken down into sub-themes, with illustrations and metadata. Only ten per cent of the content is yet online, with approximately 5,000 items still to be uploaded, so this is a site to keep re-visiting.

Lesson plans are provided for a range of themes, such as War effort, Government & economy, Identity & culture, and Society.

Wartime Canada can be followed on Twitter: @WartimeCA

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