Thursday, 9 February 2012

Posters in the Imperial War Museum

© IWM 2011

Searching the Imperial War Museum Collections and Research web pages for 'poster' returns 13,557 hits. Divided into themes, these can be viewed and shared.  Themes include Evacuation, Defence of the Realm Act, Women's Services in the First World War, Breakthrough, Great Britain 1939-1945 (black and white), First World War Propaganda Posters (black and white),South Vietnam, and Ministry of Food. Results can be narrowed too by creators, subject period, places, events, associated person, materials, subjects, themes and keywords. All have drop-down lists.

For other ephemera, the Museum has a category 'Souvenirs and ephemera'. Featured this February is a sweetheart heart pin cushion..

Over 7,000 of The Imperial War Museum's Posters of Conflict are available throught the VADS website, where they are cross-searchable with other collections (including Political prints and Trades and professions prints in the John Johnson Collection).


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