Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valentine urls from the #loveheritage day on Twitter

I was hoping for more collections of valentines to be surfaced through the Twitter's #Askarchivists #loveheritage initiative, and I was not disappointed.  Many collections put valentines online through Flickr or blogs. Here are some urls to explore:

Cambridge Tower Project blog on valentines (C) Cambridge University Library

Ulster Museum
National Museums Northern Ireland
Cambridge Tower Project
American Historical Association
Museum of London blog
Museum of London Collection
Glamorgan archives
Mass Observation archive
Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery
Postal Heritage Museum
About ‘comic’ valentines from Times Archive
About valentines
New York Public Library
History wired
National Archives of Scotland
Herbert Art Gallery
Beamish Museum

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  1. As a serious collector, I am honored to have been mentioned in the John Johnson Collection blog. For forty years, I have hoped to help establish this as a field for scholarship, and I am thrilled to read the wonderful contributions at #loveheritage. My focus has been the historic evolution of The Valentine and the Ephemera of Love. From early printed Writers and Bartolozzi, for example, to Esther Howland and American folk art, it is a comprehensive chronicle of the social development of this important subject, and I look forward to sharing my images and research. I hope you will add me to your list!