Monday, 11 June 2012

About postcards

The blog About postcards, a reference resource for postcard collectors is an invaluable source of information on postcard genres, artists and themes by postcard dealers and enthusiasts Linda and Peter Chapman. Illustrated from their own collection, the tagged blog posts have built up into a multi-layered tool for all who are interested in postcards or in the very many subjects they illustrate. Above all the posts provide context -  for an isolated card from a series or an example of an artist's work, etc.

There are really nice features: a search brings up a little results box with thumbnails and sentences extracted from the posts containing the relevant term hit-highlighted (as in the screen shot).  The posts themselves can be viewed classically (chronologically) or as a mosaic (of images with titles which appear when moused over) or as flipcards. It is a site which is fun to dip into for fascinating snippets of information but is also a serious research tool. One of the JJ volunteers found the site while cataloguing South African War postcards.

There is also a glossary of postcard terminology.

(C) About postcards

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