Thursday, 14 June 2012

Theatre collections in the Templeman Library, University of Kent

As well as cartoons (see post of June 12), the Templeman Library at the University of Kent has excellent collections of theatre playbills, programmes and posters, including (appropriately for ths year) a Charles Dickens Theatre Collection.

These can be searched through the library catalogue and also through a dedicated Theatre search facility. This allows users to filter by collection, subject (e.g. opera, melodrama), material type (theatre programme, playbilll etc) and theatre.  The filters appear in the order of the number of items associated with the term. Performers and titles of plays are indexed and can be found via the search box.

Where available, large thumbnail images appear alongside the metadata. A click on the thumbnail brings up a larger image, which itself can be zoomed with Zoomify.

(C) Templeman Library, Kent University

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