Tuesday, 12 June 2012

People's History Museum, Manchester

The People's History Museum in Manchester mainly covers the last 200 years of the organised labour movement in Britain, with some earlier material.  There are Information guides to the British Union of Fascists, Early industrial Manchester, Miners strike, 1984-85, General Elections, Spanish Civil War, Chartism, and Women's Suffrage. The Archive and Study Centre can be visited by appointment Monday-Friday

The collections include a wealth of political and satirical prints, banners (which are linked to the Textile Conservation Studio), some 3,000 buttons and 1,500 political posters.  The collections are catalogued and can be searched by keyword or as a defined search. Records are accompanied by thumbnails which can be clicked for larger images.

The posters are the focus of the current exhibition: Picturing politics, which closes on June 17.  Various aspects of these are the subject of illustrated online articles by various academics under the headings: After the war, Labour for security, Let's go with labour and People power.

Much to explore on this site.

(C) People's History Museum

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